Ashanti Calls 50 Cent A “Bully” After His Low Ticket Sale Comments

50 Cent got a kick out of the recent news that Ashanti’s college campus show was cancelled due to only selling 24 tickets. In a now-deleted Instagram post (because that’s how trolls do), the Power star wrote that the singer should “do Basement parties then it can still feel like it’s lit.”
The “Foolish” song bird responded to the rapper recently at LAX, calling him a “bully” and discussing the “obvious” reason the concert was cancelled (lack of promotion).
“Officer Curtis better cut it out,” she laughed while being interviewed by TMZ’s cameramen. “I mean it’s obvious [the concert was canceled]… it was a lack of promotion. The school put out a statement to clarify it was a lack of promotion and, you know, they shouldn’t have never did it. So, you know, no hard feelings. Thank-you so much – Curtis is definitely a bully.”
This wouldn’t be the first time this year 50 was called out for trolling on the Internet. However, his at times rude comments have not deterred the bag from being secured. According to reports, he recently landed a $150 million, multi-series deal with STARZ.
“I am excited to announce that we’ve made that partnership between myself, G-Unit Film & Television and Starz/Lionsgate and we will continue our proven track record of breaking records and delivering unique content for audiences around the world,” he said in a statement.

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