Hyundai Veloster 2019 Review

Versus the competition
The Veloster's nimble moves and unique styling give it a performance flair that makes many competitors seem dull by comparison.
The second-generation Hyundai Veloster retains the kind of quirky design cues that helped set its predecessor apart, things like three conventional doors — one on the driver's side and two on the passenger side — and a raked roofline. With this redesign, however, Hyundai has brought that offbeat sense of style into the cabin.
Is It Fun to Drive?
The modern-day Mini Cooper has been a standard-bearer for driving fun, and the 2019 Veloster imitates many of its characteristics — if not to such an extreme. Like the turbocharged engine of the Cooper S, the Veloster's turbo four-cylinder is strong enough to give it some zip in the city as well as passing power on the highway. Ride quality is another similarity with the Mini: The Veloster's firm suspension keeps body motions in check, but it doesn't result in a harsh ride. (Compared with base-engine Velosters, turbo-engine versions get thicker front and rear stabilizer bars.) The Veloster's steering, meanwhile, isn't as heavy as the Mini's, but it does feel natural with appropriate weighting and is one of the most dramatic improvements over the previous Veloster.
Is the Cabin Comfortable and Refined?
Even with the standard height-adjustable driver's seat raised, the Veloster still has a low driving position. You feel the car's low roofline, too, but there's enough legroom for taller drivers to settle in.
Is It Versatile?
In Hyundai's quest to give the Veloster a unique, sporty look, it sacrificed a lot of the utility hatchbacks normally offer. The low roofline and small liftgate result in a small opening to the 19.9-cubic-foot cargo area, and you must first clear a high rear lip when loading luggage. The standard 60/40-split backseat folds flat, but there's a small ledge between the cargo floor and folded seat.
Value in Its Class
The Veloster is a fun-to-drive small car that doesn't look like everything else on the block, and it also has a lot of technology features — even in its base form. But if you're looking for traditional hatchback utility, look elsewhere; the Veloster lives like a coupe.

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