Land Rover Range 2018 Rover Review

Versus the competition
For less money, the latest Lincoln Navigator provides better-executed controls, far more cargo and passenger space, a superior driving experience and a multimedia system that is easier to use — but not the cachet that comes with the Range Rover badge.
Diesel Is Not Dead
The standard engine in the Range Rover model is a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 making 340 horsepower, but my model came with the optional turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6 engine. In true diesel engine fashion, it pumps out only 254 hp but makes a mountainous 443 pounds-feet of torque. It should be noted that this engine also forms the basis for the new Ford Power Stroke diesel V-6 that can be found under the hood of the latest F-150 pickup truck, albeit with some serious modifications. The motor fires right up, but little effort seems to have been made to disguise the fact that there's an oil-burner under the hood — it sounds for all the world like a Ford Super Duty pickup.
The Buttons Are Gone
Where I start to struggle with the Range Rover is inside. Land Rover has seen fit to do away with almost all of the vehicle's buttons and knobs in favor of two large touch-sensitive screens on the center console and dashboard working in combination with touch-sensitive panel switches on the steering wheel and doors. In short, they're terrible to use. While large, bright and easy to read, the screens themselves offer no feedback to the touch to let you know you've selected something successfully. I couldn't even find a way to make the selection beep when I touched it. And just about everything is now selected through these screens, from multimedia and navigation to climate control. The seat heating and cooling functions, for instance, are hidden in their operation by pushing the same ring that controls climate control temperature, something I discovered by accident. Adjusting anything on these screens is a significant driver distraction, requiring you to take your eyes off the road and hunt for the selection you want. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the screen is poor, often requiring multiple touches.
Luxurious Trimmings but Compromised Cargo
The controls largely ruin what is otherwise a lovely interior that uses premium materials throughout, with high-grade leather, real wood and metal trim, and highly adjustable seats that provide excellent comfort. The Mercedes-Benz GLS450 isn't quite as nice, and the Cadillac Escalade doesn't come close to being as opulent as the Range Rover's cabin even in its top trim levels. Only the Lincoln Navigator Black Label rivals the Range Rover in terms of interior material quality and finish. There's tons of headroom for all passengers thanks to the tall roof, and both front and backseat passengers have space to stretch their legs. This is just a five-seat SUV, however, while Cadillac, Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz all feature standard three-row accommodations.
Fully Modern Safety
One area the Range Rover excels in is safety equipment. Forward emergency brake assist and autonomous braking is standard, as is cornering brake control and roll stability control. A 360-degree camera system is optional and was present on my test vehicle as part of a $2,400 Vision Assist Package that included automatic high-beam assist and a head-up display. The Range Rover has not been crash-tested by either the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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